Recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in St. Petersburg

In preoperative examination and clinical history of our case, findings related with hyperestrogenism or PJS were not detected. Long term follow up is mandatory for SCTATs which have relatively good prognosis despite high recurrence risk [ 7 ]. Ovarian sex cord tumor with annular tubules in a patient with Turner syndrome.

The patient acquired complete remission after therapy during follow-up stage.

They may spread through pelvicparaaortic and supraclavicular lymph nodes and metastasize to retroperitoneum, parietal and visceral peritoneum, liver, kidney and lung [ 910 ]. SCTAT was thought to be an ovarian tumor with low malignant potential recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in St.

Petersburg late recurrence [ 12 ]. Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy is feasible for patients with an intact capsule and tumor confined to one ovary. Subsequently, postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy was switched to the classical TC regimens, without hormone therapy. Macroscopic findings in a 5-year-old patient case In our case, she appeared multiple metastasis lesions, which located in the abdominal wall, upper uterine wall, posterior uterine wall, left broad ligament, colonic surface, subhepatic retroperitoneum, retroperitoneal space, retroperitoneal surface, rectal surface, mesorectal mesentery, and anterior peritoneum after comprehensive staging surgery 12 months during the regular supervision.

The abdominal and pelvic Ultrasound examination also found no abnormalities.

Recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in St. Petersburg это весьма

The herniated portion of the disc can then be removed. Feasibility of clinical BRCA testing on liquid-based cervical cytology: implications for biomarker development. Benign gynecology Chapter 38, Hypopharynx T2N1 2. Median implant dose The regimen was piloted by RTOG Zoran Mirkov.

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  • If the initial injection did not produce a positive response, a second diagnostic injection is considered not medically necessary. Diagnostic facet joint injections are considered experimental and investigational for neck and back pain with untreated radiculopathy.
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  • This report describes the case of recurrence of SCTAT in a 35yr old woman after 4yr of hysterectomy with bilateral salphingo-Oopherectomy.
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Download references. In eight cases with primary tumors, only two pediatric patients case 9, 13 had a preoperative diagnosis of SCTAT based on biopsy of ovarian tumor. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.

Macroscopic findings in a 5-year-old patient case

Recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in St. Petersburg

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  • Sex cord tumour with annular tubules, abbreviated SCTAT, is an uncommon sex cord tumour. It is not sex cord tumour with angulated inhibin +ve, calretinin +ve, pankeratin +ve, EMA . Sex cords tumors with annular tubules (SCTAT) associated to Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (PJS) is a rare disease. Oophorectomy is a curative surgery for unilateral tumors. Contralateral ovarian biopsy is a good alternative especially for PJS because of the frequency of bilateral tumors. Although prognosis of SCTAT is favorable, recurrence rate is high.
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  • Abstract: Sex cord tumor with annular tubules (SCTAT) is a rare special type of ovarian sex cord-stromal tumor, which has not achieved a standard treatment. Sex Cord Stromal Tumor with Annular Tubules: A Case Report, Selma Sengiz Erhan, Background: Sex cord tumor with annular tubules (SCTAT) is an uncommon radiotherapy are performed for local recurrence and distant metastasis [7].
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