Reasons to be against sex education in schools in Longueuil

Part of staying healthy is seeking appropriate health care. Some parents object on principle to the idea of comprehensive sex ed. But all that frank talk about sex may not be around for much longer. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health research and policy organization, 27 states require that sex-ed classes stress abstinence as the best option.

Sign Up. Such programs and campaigns are preferable to allowing abstinence-only programs to become entrenched in the public school system.

The research has shown it time and time again: Abstinence-only education doesn't affect the rates at which teenagers decide to have sex. How could Comprehensive Sex Ed, which proposes to promote a gender-balanced Sex Education curriculum that counteracts negative forces such as the U.

We all believe that prevention is better than cure, so why not just wait for the right age to engage in sexual activity. It is only compulsory to teach the biological facts of reproduction in secondary school science lessons and parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex education lessons.

If they really want to take education about sex to a whole new level of understanding and importance, then they should have more than the customary classes that they do, and hire people who are trained and well informed to teach the students about it.

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In 35 states, parents are allowed to keep their children out of sex-ed classes. At the very least, they know they're being misled. Public school sex ed attacks and undermines the religious faith of many students. Sex education 'could be better'.

Be the first to leave a comment. However, some of the new laws and regulations seek to stress abstinence to the exclusion of all other information. Because abstinence from sexual activity is the only percent foolproof way of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, comprehensive sexuality education programs appropriately stress abstinence.

States have to contribute three "matching" dollars for every four federal dollars they receive.

Reasons to be against sex education in schools in Longueuil

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