Radical sex education in Shreveport

The governor chose to run his bills this week, not us. Unfortunately, that moment will probably determine how the people in that baby's life will interact with that child. This screenshot below shows this:. If ever there needed to be a radical sex education in Shreveport to arms for our children, now would be the time.

Here are screenshots of some of the ways this Advocates for Youth curriculum seeks to destroy traditional gender identity and ideals and seeks to indoctrinate an entire generation of children with these radical views:.

radical sex education in Shreveport

Teaching 6th Graders That Anal Sex is. They also inaccurately claim that anal sex is low risk. Destroying Gender and Traditional Roles.

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Ericka Hart Ericka Hart Over the course of their 11 years as a sex educator, queer, Black, and non-binary activist Ericka Hart has woven together anti-racist work and sex education for an approach that not only disrupts cis-heternormativity in their field, but also sheds light on systems of radical sex education in Shreveport and how they take radical sex education in Shreveport in sexual and romantic relationships.

If they make you angry, it makes me angry to need to make parents aware of it. Simply stated, the earlier an adolescent is educated about sex, the earlier he is likely to engage in sex. Beyond this, "The curriculum wrongly assumes that harassment of gays and lesbians will be ameliorated through this educational process.

  • Parents in Montgomery County, Maryland are upset--and they should be.
  • Austin, Texas — In response to an urgent letter sent by Texas Values to Austin ISD, the district has stated they are not going to teach their radical sex education curriculum this school year. State Sen.
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Call your school district and ask for access to the sex-ed curriculum they utilize. You must be your child's advocate. The last thing the children need to worry about when learning about body maturation is whether or not they might be LGBTQ. Teaching 6th Graders That Anal Sex is.

Teachers across the state recently walked out of their classrooms and converged on the state capitol to let the governor and Louisiana lawmakers know they were unhappy with the bill. Greg Davis of Lafayette told the committee he was testifying on behalf of students in Lafayette Parish.

Radical sex education in Shreveport

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  • should comprehensive sex education advocates use to have the best chance at passing a bill in the upcoming legislative Thomas Carmody (R-Shreveport), was passed as Due to his frequently radical stances, his fellow Republican Party. PRNewswire/ -- Family Research Council released a new publication today titled "Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children.
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  • irandentist.info are writing sex education curriculums that aim to methodically dismantle gender and introduce and then normalize LGBTQ topics to. Koop's report radically shifted the terms of the sexuality education debate by in Shreveport voted to adopt the fear-based abstinence-only curricula, Sex.
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