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She zooms away out of the building joining her other two sisters; they then fly further away from their enemies. I'm sure she wouldn't mind a quick visit from her boyfriend. Buttercup is thrown through the glass of a nearby toy store and her head collides through 4 rows of shelves.

Butch, his raven haired brother looks over at him "what Brick? Buttercup bucks Butch off and laser beams him in the eyes causing him to scream out in pain, she also zooms out from under him. Sudden knocking was being made at the front door, that got the boys attention.

The pink powerpuff knees him in the stomach pushing him away for a minute and floats speedily away to try and gain some distance from him. This was after all the protocol for when a monster attacks, however today was different… Blossom is blasted through two apartment buildings; smashing through the both of them and bouncing off the pavement.

Buttercup frowns at her a little in confusion "what problem?

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He lands like a rock onto buttercups stomach causing her to scream, then proceeds to punch her repeatedly. Are you two gossiping without my ears to hear? She floats out of the tub and over to the sink to wash her hands. I do not own the Powerpuff girls and even though the series is no more, I am glad to see that their fanfiction still exist.

While Blossom kisses Butch, Buttercup looks over at her stunned "that's her master plan? She looks over at her red headed sister and quirks an eyebrow "uh…. At the Ruff house, AM in the morning.

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Chapter 1 2. Blossom was the first to wake up, yawning and rubbing her eyes open, before realizing she was laying on top of a still sleeping Brick. As morning light began to beam all over the city, especially toured the metal dome home, within the living room area laid two red heads on the couch.

Ppg rrb sex fanfic in El Monte

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