Natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in Shavinigan

Breeding Season IV Sliding her body off his, the young couple both let out a loud gasp when her lower lips slid over his hardened rod. She released his cock, smiling as his eyes snapped open.

She loved Natsu, and it seemed like he loved her too. Natsu only chuckled, the arm around her waist tightening its hold to keep her from falling. She couldn't handle it. Without the glass, her hands fisted against the fabric of her skirt, scrunching it to the point of wrinkling. Their instincts are telling them that its time to claim a mate or two.

Lucy gulped and she gasped a bit to see that she was really going to do this.

Уверен, natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in Shavinigan этим столкнулся

His lips moved from her mouth, down to the crook of her neck, one hand slipping under her skirt mischievously. Her hands went straight for the buttons in his shirt. Is Lucy up for some passionate nights with Natsu or is she going to run for the hills? She had never done this before, she wasn't sure natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in Shavinigan there was a right or wrong way to do this.

Go up to him and ask, beg, and do something to him and he'll do it,".

What about you? He loved seeing her lick herself like this. She rubbed him from shoulder to elbow lightly a few times and she knew exactly what this did to him. Natsu shivered at her show of obedience.

Natsu and lucy fanfiction sex in Shavinigan

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