Gta iv sex shop mission in Lewisville

Listen, big guy. Do you think that I am not to be obeyed? But we can fuck up one of your boys. Screw you, we're seeing a friend of mine who's got a good line on weapons. Phil Bell.

gta iv sex shop mission in Lewisville

The Albanian loan sharks have Roman cornered. Joseph Kaplan:. A two-star wanted level is gained, and you need to evade the cops and get Jacob back to the Homebrew cafe. Don't kill me, I got a load of desperate fans on the internet. He was always loyal, he was a good worker, now he is dead.

Part 2. Once all the enemies are dead, take Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe and stop in the yellow marker to complete the mission. Niko Bellic calls Mikhail Faustin. Get to the subway station and wait for the train to arrive.

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After the cutscene, target Josepth in order to intimidate him. Pull over each van separately, and approach the driver at the window. Now take him to the town house in Meadows Park, and go to the front door and take cover. Afterwards, Niko calls Dimitri to inform him that the mission was successful.

Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov leave the sex shop. You may, mr. San Andreas. He believes franconia suffers from a nervous affection, as the doctors call it, and has fixed her mind upon the only object of relief.

Gta iv sex shop mission in Lewisville

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