Friggin in the rigging sex pistols lyrics belsen in Pennsylvania

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RIFF-it good. God Save the Queen Substitute Lyrics. For controversy's sake, I will be the only person in the whole wide world to rate this album higher than Never Mind The Bollocks.

  • It was on the good ship Venus By Christ, ya shoulda seen us The figurehead was a whore in bed And the mast was a mammoth penis The captain of this lugger He was a dirty bugger He wasn't fit to shovel shit From one place to another Chorus: Friggin' in the riggin' Friggin' in the riggin' Friggin' in the riggin' There was fuck all else to do The captains name was Morgan By Christ, he was a gorgon Ten times a day sweet tunes he'd play On his fuckin' organ The first mate's name was Cooper By Christ he was a trooper. He jerked and jerked until he worked Himself into a stupor Chorus The second mate was Andy By Christ, he had a dandy Till they crushed his cock with a jagged rock For cumming in the brandy The cabin boy was Flipper He was a fuckin' nipper So he stuffed his ass with broken glass And circumcised the skipper Chorus The Captain's wife was Mabel To fuck she was not able So the dirty shits, they nailed her tits Across the barroom table The Captain had a daughter Who fell in deep sea water Delighted squeals revealed that eels Had found 'er sexual quarters Repeat Chorus to Fade.
  • The Sex Pistols were an English punk rock band that formed in London in They were responsible for initiating the punk movement in the United Kingdom and inspiring many later punk and alternative rock musicians.
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Max C. In a certain way, the Sex Pistols were to all post music the equivalents of Fifties' rockers to classic Sixties' rock: a band of extreme historical importance that was nevertheless too raw and weak to ever really make it big on the overall musical scale, more of a serious influence on the musical scene than of an unbeatable value in itself.

It is possible that this song was inspired by an actual event, where a female convict Charlotte Badger , sailing on the colonial brigantine Venus , convinced members of the crew to commandeer the vessel, sailing from Port Dalrymple, Tasmania , now part of George Town, Tasmania in

Friggin in the rigging sex pistols lyrics belsen in Pennsylvania

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