Christian view of sex education in St. John

These factors can seriously upset their adolescence and sometimes mark them christian view of sex education in St. John life. In many cases parents have given up their duty in this field or agreed to delegate it to others, because of the difficulty and their own lack of preparation.

Experience shows that this dialogue works out better when the parent who communicates the biological, emotional, moral and spiritual information is of the same sex as the child or young person.

Parents are well aware that their children must be treated in a personalized way, according to the personal conditions of their physiological and psychological development, and taking into due consideration the cultural environment of life and the adolescent's daily experience. Forming young people for chastity should thus become a preparation for responsible fatherhood and motherhood, which "directly christian view of sex education in St.

John the moment in which a man and a woman, uniting themselves in one flesh, can become parents. Colleen Perfect, the president of Catholic Parents OnLinean organization that advocates for parents to be recognized as primary educators of their children, said she believes sex education should remain chiefly in the hands of the parents.

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Through Christ all education, within the family, and outside of it, becomes part of God's own saving pedagogy, which is addressed to individuals and families and culminates in the Paschal Mystery of the Lord's Death and Resurrection". In a family where love reigns, this gift is always understood as part of the call to self-giving in love for God and for others.

These characteristics are founded on the fact that "In marriage man and woman are so firmly united as to become, to use the words of the Book of Genesis — one flesh Genesis John Paul II in helping young people resist the culture. Parents must find time to christian view of sex education in St.

John with their children and take time to talk with them. Each person is freed from the tendency to selfishness by the love of others, in the first place by parents or those who take their place and, definitively, by God, from whom all true love proceeds and in whose love alone does man discover to what extent he is loved.

Chastity is the spiritual power which frees love from selfishness and aggression.

Certainly, expressions of natural tenderness and sensitivity should not be discouraged among boys, nor should girls be excluded from vigorous physical activities. One cannot give what one does not possess. While the family is rich in these strengths, it also needs the support of the State and society, according to the principle of subsidiarity: "It can happen Giving too many details to children is counterproductive.

This charge is not a simple moral exhortation, but an undeniable requirement arising from the mystery of the Church ". Subsidiarity thus complements paternal and maternal love and confirms its fundamental nature, inasmuch as all other participants in the process of education are only able to carry out their responsibilities in the name of the parents, with their consent and, to a certain degree, with their authorization ".

Christian view of sex education in St. John

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