Are the sex chromosomes homologous in Buffalo

Received Mar 29; Accepted Jun Emerging technologies in DNA sequencing. Finally, Kumar et al. Several studies have shown that river buffalo and domestic cattle, both members of the Bovidae family, are closely related. Gallagher DSJr. Gilbert SF In addition to these complete mitochondrial genome sequences of water buffalo, the D-loop and CYTB regions have also been investigated.

Meiosis is the mechanism of gamete formation that involves a two-stage division process. Further, this lesson also provides an investigative context for students to begin to develop skills in using bioinformatics research databases and accessing genetic sequence data that can be found there.

DNA breaks are likely localized at chromosome axes. Vision and Change Core Concepts:. Chromosomes are important molecules because they contain DNA and genetic instructions for the direction of all cell activity. Bloom's Cognitive Level:.

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Prior to cell divisions, the chromosomes in the nucleus appear as threadlike strands called chromatins. This is regarded as one of the advantages of having been able to reproduce sexually. Barrette-Ng, I. Moreover, Acquaviva and colleagues showed that mo-2 arrays, along with sufficient accumulation of RMMAI, can lead to structural remodelling of non-sex chromosomes — at the end of chromosome 9, for instance.

Moreover, the kinetics of DSB repair in male sex chromosomes is different from that in autosomes Fig.

The numbers above each species name represent the approximate PAR size. Chromosome evolution in domestic bovids as revealed by chromosome banding and FISH-mapping techniques. Mitochondrial DNA analyses of Indian water buffalo support a distinct genetic origin of river and swamp buffalo.

Are the sex chromosomes homologous in Buffalo

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