Anti same sex marriage advantage in Oregon

A survey of the longitudinal evidence. Share on Twitter. More states currently have same sex marriage and union laws in force than during our study period.

Search the complete digital archives for all papers in the Pioneer News Group. Oregon, then known as the Oregon Territoryadopted its first criminal code in Honaker J, King G What to do about missing values in time-series cross-section data.

Beck N Comparing dynamic specifications: The case of presidential approval.

Anti same sex marriage advantage in Oregon прощения, ничем

Discussion We found that state rates of opposite sex marriage in the U. Schaefer K The sit-in at the altar: No I do till gays can do it too. We aim to test the claims that rates of opposite sex marriage will change as a result of same sex marriage or strong or weak same sex union laws.

Others hesitated until civil unions and other legally recognized partnerships came into being in several states. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Well, maybe so. View Article Google Scholar 7. Because California did not track same sex marriages in , we used the widely-reported figure of 18, same sex marriages in California during [2]. October 2,

Anti same sex marriage advantage in Oregon

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