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Paris: L'Harmattan. Pol Pot was also contacted by the Vietnamese who now offered him whatever resources he wanted for his insurgency against the Cambodian government. This became increasingly risky, however, due to communist rocket and artillery fire, which constantly rained down on the airfield and city.

For the Khmer Rouge, who still lacked assistance from the North Vietnamese, it was a period of regroupment, organization, and training. He said that his hopes for a moderate socialism akin to Yugoslavia 's must now be totally dismissed. Sihanouk was never asked to approve the B bombings, and he never alex funk sex offender in Dollar-Des Ormo his approval.


A history of Cambodia 3rd ed. Chicago Tribune. Conroy's conclusions were that the Cambodian officer corps "had no combat experience So it is quite normal that the reaction of Cambodian troops, who feel themselves betrayed, is difficult to control. This was a heavy contributor to the refugee crisis in Cambodia.

Yale University Southeast Asia Studies.

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Their presence was at first tolerated by Prince Sihanouk, the Cambodian head of state, but domestic resistance combined with China and North Vietnam continuing to provide aid to the anti-government Khmer Rouge alarmed Sihanouk and caused him to go to Moscow to request the Soviets rein in the behavior of North Vietnam.

Further information: Cambodian coup of The Walrus : 62— Download as PDF Printable version. Lon Nol was forced to resign, and, in a typical move, the prince named new leftists to the government to balance the conservatives. As early as the end of the Battambang revolt, Sihanouk had begun to reevaluate his relationship with the communists.

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